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CRMC Mallory Park 2012  

Here's a brief and the photos from Mallory Park.
Paul (aka Taz #46) was racing his standard FJ at Mallory with the Classic Racing club, due to the clash with NGRR we could only manage to get there on the Sunday.  But unfortunately we got a call from Taz during Saturday to let us know he'd had an incident (rider & bike, ok) but wasn't going to race on Sunday.  He told us that there was another FJ there racing though so we decided we'd pop along to see who it was.
Well when we got there it turned out there was actually FOUR FJ's racing on the Sunday, so that recent article in Practical Sportsbike must have done some good.  
We made our way round the paddock and found all four riders so introduced ourselves.  There was Chris White #13, Joop Van De Pol #41 from the Netherlands (yes I said Netherlands), Jono Yardley #46 and Andy Pringle #77.  Chris White had already ridden his FJ at the last meeting at Lydden and had been liaising with Phil so his was a pretty well sorted (standard ish) FJ.  Joop had been racing all season on a 600 but after speaking to Phil at Pembrey had decided to give the FJ a go, his FJ even had the fairing lowers fitted too.  Jono has been racing with CRMC for a number of years but never on an FJ and had actually bought Taz's FJ from him the day before, after Taz decided racing wasn't for him, which was a shame but at least the FJ got passed on.  It turns out though that Andy is a complete newbie, he's never raced before or ridden an FJ so this was going to be a baptism of fire for him but fair play to him.
Anyway enough waffle from me, here's the photos -
Results from Sunday:
1st race:  Chris was 7th [1st] (1:01.943), Jono was 21st [3rd] (1:08.519), Joop crashed out (both OK - 1:06.557), Andy didn't start.
2nd race: Chris again was 7th [1st] (1:02.041), Joop was 22 [3rd] (1:07.755), Jono was 24th [5th] (1:07.468) and Andy didn't finish but managed 1:18.943
3rd race: Chris was 12th [1st] (1:02.225}, Joop was 18th [3rd] (1:06.830), Andy was 21st [5th] (1:13.909), Jono didn't start
Enjoy the photos.
2 FJ's

[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Sun, 08 Jul 2012 20:29:00 GMT
NGRR Oulton 2012  NGRR at Oulton with Paul (aka Jorge #179).  With practice beginning at 8.30am it was an early start and the action continued for the rest of the day.  It was Paul's second visit to Oulton so when he went out in morning practice he was visibly more relaxed than last year.  Practice went well with Paul improving slightly on last years times.
He'd entered into the powerbike session as well so had 4 races during the day.  However, the first powerbike qualifying didn't go quite to plan with him loosing his gear lever and then crashing at Druids.  Rider and bike were relatively OK but there was some hectic work back in the pits to get the FJ ready for the Pre Injection qualifier later that morning.  Paul, Katie and Mark succeeded though and he was able to get out for the PI qualifier.  With a damp but drying track Paul went out on wets (as did everyone) so it was a little entertaining watching everyone sliding about on the now dry track.
The afternoon brought a mixture of weather which meant more tyre changes etc etc.  The powerbike race was as entertaining as ever with Paul faster again.  Unfortunately though due to delays Mark and I couldn't stay for the final PI race of the day but from the results I noticed Paul knocked over 5 seconds off his lap times from last year so well done that man.  Anyway enough waffle from me, here's the photos
He's behind you
[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Tue, 03 Jul 2012 20:20:00 GMT
MotoGP 2012  

Mark and I decided to visit the Riders for Health - Day of Champions as we'd always wanted to go and as it was only a few pounds more to attend the Friday practice we thought we'd make a few days of it.  Well I wasn't sure what to expect but what an excellent couple of days despite the weather - it was an incredible experience.  The Day of Champions morning paddock tour was slow at first with very few riders about but we spotted a some in the end (note to self, book the afternoon one next time), the entertainment in the afternoon was great too, the highlight though was the auction in the evening, so so so many things I could have bidded on if only I'd had the budget, however I was stupid not to pluck up the courage to bid on the day with a motoGP photographer, never mind.
The friday practice was good too, the Moto3 bikes sound like bombers, Moto3 are just sound like other race bikes, but the MotoGP are unbelievable, the noise is just awesome, I was grinning like a school kid.  It was a challenge to take photos while sat down in a grandstand but I hope you like them.
Anyway enough waffle, here's the photos -
Ben Spies
Mamola & Mark
[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Thu, 28 Jun 2012 19:59:00 GMT
Olympic Torch Doncaster I went to watch the Olympic torch relay in Doncaster today so thought it only right I took a few photos for you.  I actually got to see a truly brave and inspiring man carry the torch for his "moment to shine", check out his story ( and there's a short video too
Anyway here's my shots from the day, I also managed to bump into my niece Jasmin and her childminder so that made it extra special for me too.
Check out the pics here:
Jasmin getting ready A colourful pair Here comes the torch
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FJOC Masham 2012  

Well here's a quick report below for you about the recent FJOC Masham weekend.
Here's the pics first -

Friday afternoon was awful, the weather was horrid but thanks to Wilf and Sue for the cups of tea during the afternoon and the banter, waiting for people to arrive flew by.  Mark, Steven, Debra and I made ourselves comfortable in the warm tearoom for the evening with a few beers and tunes from Mark's notebook, while waiting for others to join us and catching up on gossip.  Lev & Christine joined us later in the tea rooms where the FJ music cheese fest was born.

Saturday morning the sun had come out so 10 bikes left on the rideout with a mixture on FJR's, FJ's, a Ducati, Kawasaki.  Mark and I stayed on the campsite and decided to chilled for the day in the sunshine.  Saturday evening most people took a short walk in to Masham for the beer festival and live music, but Lev, Christine, Steven, Debra, Keith, Mark and I remained on the campsite in the tea rooms for the 2nd round of the FJ music cheese fest.  Mark's selection of number 1's from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s had us all in stitches.

Early Sunday morning the sun was out again and the roads even had a few dry patches.  With a couple for new additions to the group arriving this morning, so Alan left with 11 bikes on a rideout to Tan Hill, while the rest of us packed up and headed home.  Thanks to Alan & Petra for sorting out a great weekend and as ever many, many thanks to Val, Flo, Trish and the rest at the Old Station Campsite for all their hard work keeping us happy and fed.  Here's to the next one.
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Canon Experience flash course Shots from the course I attended on Flash Photography last month at Harewood House. Makes a change from bikes so let me know what you think...?

Click here -

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Published work New section added -

Contains photos and articles published in magazines, newletters etc.

Page 12-13 - the article, next are the originals shots used Bradley Jones's page from the newsletter

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Barnsley Bike Show 2012  

Opps, almost forgot to update everyone with these.

Wasn't sure what to expect as we'd never been before but wanted to support our friends with their stall so as is wasn't to far away we popped along.  Well what a surprise, it was held in the car park of a small go kart track and once we got there the title "Barnsley show and go" then made sense.  People turned up with the pride and joy to take part in a show, with classes for 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00's bikes etc etc, but as well as the show side of things, they could enter into the go! which turned out to be a few laps round the track with other machines from your bikes decade.

No track day ego's here (ok there were a few but they behaved), just every day people having fun riding alsorts of machines.  Anyway enough babble from me, have a look at the photos to see what I'm waffling about.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

There was even some FJ's and FJR's, never talked to the owners but I did leave the club calling cards on them.

Paul's pride and joy

Loved the colour scheme
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NGRR Donington June 2012 North Glos pre injection photos from Donington Park in June 2012 -

That's it from Donington, here's to the next one
[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Sat, 09 Jun 2012 14:06:00 GMT
Thundersport Outlon 2012


[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Mon, 28 May 2012 20:14:00 GMT
Phil's 50th
Celebration section update - Phil's 50th

The guy who runs the bike club turned 50 recently so a bunch of us (Mark, Emma, myself etc) made the wet trip to Bristol to help him celebrate.  It was a great night with a good time had by all including me!

Here's the photos -


[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Fri, 11 May 2012 13:50:00 GMT
CRMC Pembrey 2012 Yes yes, I know Doc was suppose to have retired from racing after 6 years with his yellow FJ racer.  But when a couple of club members suggested to Phil that he might like to have a go at Classic Racing on a standard FJ, complete with indicators and crash bars, you just know he wouldn't refuse.  Just like I would turn down the chance to go along and take the snaps of the weekend.  

Mark, Mike and I tagged along as usual and met new guy Paul aka Taz to see what all the fuss was about.  So feel free to check out the shots in the link below as a few sparks flew and it was a cracking weekend.


Crash bars & indicators made me smile OK ok, I think Taz found the limit - ooops

[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Sat, 14 Apr 2012 20:09:10 GMT
USA 2012 Some shots from my recent holiday in Florida.  Feel free to click on the link and have a look.

Designing our own strawberry shortcakes It can't have been that bad she's almost finished it

[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Sat, 14 Apr 2012 19:50:18 GMT
Mark's birthday 2012 As part of Mark's recent birthday celebrations we spent a couple of hours outside the Ridgewood enjoying a birthday pint with my sister, brother in law and two nieces as it was a lovely day.  Purely so the girls could play in the play area you understand (yeah right).  Anyway here's some pics, enjoy -

Guess it's Uncle Mark's birthday then You're naughty Auntie Kerry

[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Tue, 28 Feb 2012 20:59:06 GMT
Wedding section updated again Added my sister's to the wedding page.  Mostly taken by Mark though as I was busy on bridesmaid duty -

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FJOC at MCN's London Bike Show So how am I doing at this blogging thing... shall we see how my second attempt goes?


Here goes:  Having only every really taken the FJ Owners club stand to the annual Motorcycle Live show at the NEC in Birmingham, when MotorCycle News (MCN) asked the club to attend their show in London for the first time, Phil and Ernie decided to give it a go.  So Mark and I went along to help out the guys at the 2012 Carole Nash MCN Motorcycle Show on Feb 2nd-5th at ExCeL London.  Here's some pics from that weekend.

The show itself was much quieter than the NEC and not as large, plus a unexpected spell of snow meant attendance could have been better.  On a plus side, the stand we were given was twice the size and the extra room did make a lot of difference, our spot could have been better but generally I enjoyed myself.  Club wise, the memberships gained were a little disappointing (jeez these Southerners are tight, some people even said no to a free months membership - WTF) but we had fun and the revolution show was something else.  In my personal opinion put the revolution performances into the NEC instead of Ramp't, give the club a larger stand and the NEC would be almost perfect.  Would we go back to the MCN London show - probably not but it was a positive experience and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Larger stand than at the NEC, nice to be able to move around

I decided to play with the camera while it was quiet The morning rush hour (ok - rush minute)
















Click here to see the rest:


[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Thu, 23 Feb 2012 23:04:52 GMT
Wedding section updated I've recently been inspired by a friend to update my weddings photos on here so why not check them out at, I certainly enjoyed sorting them out, they reminded me of each couples happy day and some lovely memories, so thanks Ben.


[email protected] (Kerry Rawson Photography (Est. 2006)) Wed, 22 Feb 2012 22:39:57 GMT
Sandall Park January 2012 Had our friends Clive and Jane over for a weekend in January, so did breakfast at Sandall Park cafe and knowing Clive was into photography too, we took the opportunity to capture some shots in the winter sun from around the park.  So here they are, hope you enjoy.

Click here for more -

Part of the Sandall Park attractions

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