Michael McGowan(non-registered)
I've worked with Kerry on numerous live action shoots. Not only are her results consistently, technically superb, but her sense and feel for timing and being in 'just the right place' to capture a unique moment, is second to none.

What's more, Kerry's reliability and professionalism makes any collaboration with her a joy.
Paul Harlington(non-registered)
Kerry is a fantastic motorsport photographer who is passionate and dedicated about the subject.

Her pictures always capture the excitement of the action, and have been getting the attention of some serious racers.

Highly recommended!
Steve Jameson FJ Owners Club(non-registered)
Over a year has passed since my last comment. Girl, you are just like fine wine, more time passes, better end results.
Garf #17(non-registered)
Great pictures from the NG rounds, hehe and like Jorge #179 you make me look almost like I know what I am doing both on and off the bike with spanners in hand :-)
Jorge #179(non-registered)
Racing wouldn't be as fun without your excellent pics to view afterwards.

You make my riding look much better than it actually is!
Kerry,I worked in publishing ,your pics are first class :)
dave ( yellowbelly )(non-registered)
as allways brill
brilliant work, you have a great talent.
Steve Jameson FJ Forum(non-registered)
Well, for my own personal opinion! i must congratulate you on the stunning quality to detail, i myself have viewed your pictures many times since joining FJ forum and now its time to leave feedback. If its an added bonus Kerry, seen many paid professional photographers work and some not up to your standard, keep up the excellent work. SteveJ.
Lee Edwards(non-registered)
Fantastic pics as always hun,keep up the great work :-)
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